Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I've moved into a new house, with space for a fabric, craft and yarn stash, a sewing table and a kitchen with a big space for kids to hang out while I cook. Creativity, here I come! The websites of these very talented ladies have got me inspired to get my blog going again.
Check out these beautiful pages with ideas to help you get through the most dreary of days or occasions.
This picture is from Vanessa Christenson's blog V and Co. which has a wonderful relaxed, slightly crazy feel which is how I like to go about most days, so her site fits well with me.

Click here to visit her blog.
I have not connected more with any blog than that of Simply Modern Mom, which has engaged me enough that it is one of the first things I look at each day and it really gets my brain oiled in right-hemisphere gear (iow creative!). What I like most about her site is that it is clean, uncluttered and yet SO beautiful. 
She is running a great project at the moment called Project 52: Date Nights - Dating my husband one week at a time. She is collaborating with women all over the world for date night ideas to last a year. I love that these women love their husbands enough to make the effort.
Tiffany Bird who writes the blog makes the most beautiful things like these crocheted hair clips. You can buy them in her shop.
Check out the sidebar for a link to Project 52: Date Night.
Finally, I have started my first tutorial - a hanging storage tunnel for my daughter's room, using quilting fabrics. Check in soon to see the full tutorial and result! I hope one day I will be able to have the impressive collection of work and writing that these lovely ladies have accomplished.

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