Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The life women long to live

Are you a Yummy Mummy? Are you a Footballer's Wife, or a Sexy in the City Chick?

I have to admit I have moments of desire to have certain aspects of each of these women's lives. Who wouldn't want to live in New York if you had loads of cash?

Around Christmas time the part of my 1950's perfect housewife DNA come floating up to the surface and I start buying homemaking magazines with their too-perfect photographs of homes decked in the ultimate festive decor - everything handmade, organic, local, and TIDY. Every year I have a deep-seated feeling that this Christmas will be the ONE when everything is perfect. The funny thing is that I am never disappointed, because the joy the that comes from hanging two slightly mangled looking handknitted Christmas decorations on the tree is immensely out of proportion to reality.

This blog is about living the life every woman wants to live. We are all slightly schizo when it comes to our dreams and desires. We all want to have a fabulously interesting life filled with top-of-the-charts careers, gorgeous happy talented kids, a husband who adores us and is constantly in awe of how well we do everything, beautiful healthy bodies with a wardrobe to match, and plenty of time to float around happily thinking about how great our life is.

It's time to start celebrating the little glimpses that we have of the life we dream of living. Come back tomorrow and have a peek...

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