Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Go Gourmet on Tuesday

My husband and I work from home. This has its benefits. We have the full contents of our fridge available to us at any time. Of course this is also a disadvantage!!

We do miss having our lunch in the city, where there is such a range of take-out options and flavours to spice up the day when things are feeling routine. I know, however, that when we did work in the city we tended either to bring the same old sandwiches every day, or else go and buy the same old sandwich from the take-away!

This week I have decided to make lunches a little more interesting, to put a little effort into them and to sit down with my hubby at the kitchen table and eat together, even if it is just for twenty minutes.

I thought you might like a little inspiration, and a challenge too! So I have come up with Gourmet Tuesday! Now, all this takes is either a little planning, or a little creativity. Look what I came up with today...

This is Maple Pork and Sweet Potato Caesar Salad.

I did not plan this meal. I made it with leftovers, and the contents of my fridge. Here's how:


Romaine Lettuce
Spring Onion
Leftovers from Maple Pork and Sweet Potatoes
Caesar Dressing

Throw in a bowl and serve!!

If your week is looking like a warm one, it is always good to have the ingredients for salads stocked in your fridge. You want things that don't wilt after a couple of days. Romaine Lettuce, and Little Gems keep crisp and fresh for a week in the fridge, so you can safely buy enough for three or four salads. Spring onions, avocados, baby tomatoes, red peppers, cucumber, rocket, all keep really well.

With these basic stocks, you can add any left over meat from the night before and create what I call a Specialist salad. For example - roast chicken makes a traditional Caesar. If you have left-over minced beef, add some crushed nacho chips, fresh salsa and grated cheddar for a Nacho Salad. Left over beef or steak can be teamed with some horseradish, or even if you are going a little wild some Wasabi Mayonnaise (just blend wasabi with mayonnaise until you get your preferred strength of flavour).

So you see how leftovers can be turned into a Gourmet Salad fit for any City lunch date just with some basics in the fridge.

Next week, I am going to ask you to share what you did on Gourmet Tuesday. Check back then!

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