Friday, 28 May 2010

A walk in the morning.

I know that I am mightily blessed to live in an idyllic English Country Village. As we are moving on from here in a couple of months, I thought I would celebrate a little of the unique Englishness we have been privileged to partake of (especially in the Spring time).

As I occasionally do, this morning I took a walk through our village, Hinton St George, population 400, to Dorothy's Tea Room to have a cup of coffee.

The roses are in full bloom, and the spring flowers pregnant with bees.

I know this shot could have been taken fifty years ago, but I promise you I took it this morning.

Dorothy's is a quintessential English Tea Room, serving cream scones, fresh cakes and delicious coffees (as well as lunches for the hungry) in an assortment of china. They sell local crafts, host speakers for the over-50s, and are generally community minded. We always feel welcome there. And they are extremely generous with their clotted cream.

So, after a satisfying walk, I made my way home and I am glad I will always have a record of the simple joys of living in England.


Sarah @ Different Dog said...

Living in the midwest of America makes me wish for a tea room, an English tea room! Here all they serve is iced tea, quiche, sandwiches and too sweet cake. I long for scones with clotted cream and a pot of black tea w/ milk on the side. I am considering opening a traditional English tea room one day...
I grew up in UK in Harpenden. A lovely little village. Where is your village? I shall have to visit Dorothy's one day...

The Wandering Woman said...

Did you see, Sarah, that we are about to move to the Midwest? What a coincidence! I know where Harpenden is. Our village is in South Somerset. It is a beautiful place. Where do you live in the States now? I think opening an English Tea shop is an excellent idea... you have got me thinking! We are about to move to Upland, Indiana.

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