Wednesday, 2 June 2010

How to feel better on a bad day

Today has been blah. We are in the throes of a major international move. We are emigrating to the USA in about eight weeks. The to-do list involved in such a venture would frighten a seasoned Getting Things Done expert. And yet today, I do not feel like doing anything. I pottered. I faffed. I napped. I blahed.

The problem with a day like this is that when you get to the end of it, you feel even worse because a whole day has just GONE with nothing to show for it. So I am going to make myself feel better by:

making this bag

Image: V & Co.
You scoff? This is just what I need. A project that will take an evening, with step-by-step instructions, using everything I have in the house and at the end I will have - something tangible. That's all I need really, to prove that my day has been useful.

I am going to get the gorgeous pattern at V and Co., one of my favourite blogs. And beware, if you are a friend of mine you may just get one of these as a farewell gift...

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