Thursday, 10 June 2010

How you know when you are a professional blogger

No, it's not when you start making money out of advertising. It's when you mind works like this:
(Scene: House, mess, children, dinner time.)

Daughter: Mummy, I need to take a backpack for my school-outing tomorrow. Can I use Joseph's?

Mummy: No, Joseph needs to take his one.

Daughter: But I don't have one then.

Mummy: Don't worry, you can use daddy's.

(Later, at 9pm, after kids in bed, TV on).

Mummy (thinks): I could make a backpack. A cute, girly one... no don't be silly it's too late.

Voice (in Mummy's head): But if you made it, you could do a tutorial on your blog.

Mummy (thinks): That's true. It would make a great tutorial. But really, 9pm? To start making a backpack, from scratch?

Voice (in Mummy's head): Yes, but you're getting good at this whole craft, sewing, blogging thing. I bet you could do it!

Mummy (thinks): And there's that great fabric I found clearing the cupboards out. With the pink checks and butterflies.

Voice (IMH): You see! It's a great idea! And just imagine the great photo!

It's over for me. I made the backpack, and my daughter wore it proudly this morning for her school trip. If you don't believe me, check back tomorrow for the tutorial.


mle said...

You're so funny! : ) If I started making a backpack *and blogging about it* at 9pm at night I wouldn't get to sleep for at least a week!!

vlijtig said...

Yes, now I'm sure, I'm a professional blogger. Recently I discovered I hardly take any portrait-pictures anymore, because they do not fit into my blog-template...

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