Tuesday, 8 June 2010

If it kills you, do it anyway...

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There's been a subtle theme to my life this week. GET IT DONE. A couple of opportunities have come my way which meant that I had to get round to doing something I had been putting off for a very long time. There is nothing like a deadline or fitting in with someone else's timetable to get your motivation up.

We are moving to the US in just under two months. This means that at the back of my mind all the junk in my cupboards and attic has been sitting and weighing heavily. I knew that at some point I would have to get started cleaning out and throwing away.

As it happened, a dear friend mentioned on Facebook that she would be at a car boot sale on Sunday morning. For those of you who don't have these in their country, this is where people can bring whatever they like in the trunk of their car, pay a fee to park on a field, and sell their stuff.

I had never been to one, even as a buyer, and I have heard that they are terrifying events. So when I heard my more experienced friend was going I thought - perfect opportunity to tag along, learn, and sell some of my junk!

Once I had put the phone down after arranging to go together with her, the full reality of what I had to do sunk in. My weekend was suddenly swallowed up with unpacking cupboards, sorting through the contents and then deciding what to do with it all. This was not pleasant, and I have to say our whole family ended up feeling pretty on edge. It probably would have been better done while the kids were at school...Perhaps a little less procrastination and a bit more planning would have been good.

My car and all my junk

But anyway, in the end it forced me to do it all, all at once. And perhaps that was a good thing. So I am proud to say that I made some money out of my junk. The rest, I threw away. And after recovering from the exhaustion of the whole endeavour, I am relieved to have accomplished a task that had been a subtle burden for a long time. No matter how difficult something seems (and actually sometimes the MORE difficult it seems), it always feels better to get it done than to leave it till the last minute. Trust me. I find that out every time!

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Leslie, the Home Maker said...

Hi Catherine!
I would have been one of the buyers who bought your coffee maker/whatever that is ;)
I love the idea of a car boot sale--that's my cup of tea, er, coffee!
I am delighted to find your blog through-you guessed it, Anti-Procrastination Tues.
It's always nice to meet a sister in the Lord, too!
One who is as passionate as I am about making a home, not only in a house, but in our hearts for grace and God's presence!
I pray that as you organize and get ready for your move, that you will be blown away by the awesome provision that is already being prepared for you in Indiana!
Hugs to you!
P.S. You are my new friend ;)

Susan said...

What a great idea! That's a neat way to do what we call a "garage sale" here - but all in one place. So glad you were able to accomplish so much while making a bit of $$ at the same time. :)

Amy Bowman said...

this is a great idea! i'm thinking this could be a great fundraiser idea for the non-prof my hubby works for!!
Great job on just doing it! Thank you for sharing at "AP Tuesdays!"
Oh, and your first commenter, Leslie? She is amazing, I just know you will be blessed by her "friending" you.:)

Amy Bowman said...

Just wanted to let you know I featured you on this week's "AP Tuesdays" Thanks for a great post!

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