Saturday, 5 June 2010

Inspiration for summer barbeques

One good thing about a good long summer (such as the one you get in Australia or South Africa), is that you can pretty much rely on good barbeque weather every weekend, and sometimes may even be tempted to throw some meat on after work during the week. The evenings are long enough, after all.

But don't you find yourself thinking - what on earth am I going to get out for the barbeque tonight? Hotdogs...again? Or steak...again? (Depending on your budget).

I do find myself tiring of the usual fare, and thinking there must be something new to try.

Well, let me call you to be inspired by the very people for whom a barbeque is a rare and special occasion - the British.

Here in the UK you can rely on a barbeque being rained out, in the middle of summer. For this reason barbeques are rare and when one is planned it is a special occasion. For this reason, there is none of the boredom or the same-old-same-old tired menu that becomes standard during a long African summer. The British can come up with the most amazing and delicious assortment of barbeque delights. (Please note, I am excluding here the low-grade football barbeques that consist of cheap and nasty, burnt-to-a-crisp, frozen burgers and sausages.)

Our dear friends Nick and Anne produced this feast (albeit in the drizzle) that I hope will inspire you to try something new and delicious at your next barbeque.

As a STARTER we had pure beef, handmade burgers... no frills just meat and bread. Delicious.

Of course, this truly impressed my husband...

After this, Nick got cooking with the "real meat" - pork steaks marinaded overnight in a Red Thai curry  sauce, which had real pieces of lemongrass and coriander, and a great strong taste of coconut milk.

Then there were these beautiful veggie kebabs.

just to make us feel extra healthy.

This was just the beginning let me tell you. There was chicken, and gorgeous "breakfast kebabs" which has baby sausages and rolls of bacon. My kids liked these the best of all.

Nick worked like a slave over the fire (although I expect there was a lot more behind-the-scenes work from Ann in the morning.

She made a beautiful table setting. Don't you love the spring onions in a glass in the center? What a great and simple idea for an edible table arrangement!

This was the view from our table. A perfect English country scene.

We had to adjourn to the dining room indoors for dessert, as it started to rain properly. We had raspberry brulee, a perfect end to a veritable banquet.

After this meal, I believe anyone who says the British cannot barbeque are fools. I doubt they could outdo this feast! Thanks Nick and Ann!

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