Monday, 14 June 2010

Kittens, Steak, Cardboard Boxes and Roses

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

This has been an interesting week. Let me show you.

I did not put off having my cat neutered, and ended up having kittens exactly eight weeks before we emigrate. No not me.

My children did not go to sleep in a large cardboard box tonight.

My dog does not lick our feet while we eat breakfast. I would NEVER let him do that. No not me.

I did not use my beautiful new canvas and paints to paint a cliched picture of a pink rose.


Not me.

I did not have a second helping, and two desserts after this rib eye steak at a friend's barbeque. 

No No. Not me.


The Sassy Kitten said...

Oh my gosh, you paint???? I AM SO JEALOUS. I want to paint, and have no idea how!

May I have your life, please?

Cathy Kerton-Johnson said...

Yes I paint, but not as well as I desire. I am in awe of those "real" artists who can just paint a picture and change the world.

The Sassy Kitten said...

Screw that, you've changed MY world! You are so lucky to at least know how to make a lovely picture. Sigh...maybe me too, someday.

Beth said...

love that you are not "one of those moms" ;]
have a great summer.

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