Wednesday, 9 June 2010

My best things - No. 1

When you move countries, as one does, one starts to realise that there are certain things that are more important than others. This is because every item costs something to be packed up by a lovely man or woman in a box, put on a ship, and sailed by a captain and crew to the port near our new home.

If you think about it like that, you realise that some things you couldn't care less about. Other things you feel sick in the bottom of your stomach at the thought that someone took the trouble to sail it all the way over the seas to another continent. Like my mum who moved house during a very busy time in her business. She had no time to clear out her drawers or cupboards. Everything was packed, including a drawer of pens most of which didn't work...

There are also things that I would never part with, no matter how much they cost to move, like my vintage Alfa De Luxe Sewing Machine. She's a beauty.

Some things I have collected over my life so far that have moved with me wherever I go. This is because they are small and light, and they somehow convey to me the sense of home, no matter where I am. I decided to feature some of these special objects because they are wonderful things to collect over your life knowing that you will be able to take them with you, perhaps even into the nursing home when you are really ancient...

My first object brings me so much joy every time I walk past it. I get little glimpses of my darling children's faces at different stages of their lives.

The great thing about this mobile is that it is cheap and easily available at Amazon. You could do so much more than using photos too. If you have done anything creative with one of these please leave a comment with a link!

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Mama E said...

I have that photo mobile too! So many options! Stopping by from Fireflies and Jellybeans Party.
-Mama E

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