Wednesday, 7 July 2010


Melissa from Wife in Training says

Is this considered mixed media? Drawing? Watercolor? (If one draws with a watercolor pencil, is it considered drawing or "painting" in water color?) Golly, I'd like to do mixed media. And draw. And work with watercolors.

Anyway, I love Etsy. I've only purchased two things from there, but I've certainly SPENT a lot of...time scrolling through the pages. Not always to ogle the merchandise, but to get creative ideas.

In a child's parlance, this might be considered "copying." In adult language, "patent violation" or "plagiarism" or just plain old "ganking." I call it a "creativity c-section"...maybe creative idea was lurking in my metaphorical womb somewhere, and someone's realized art served as a midwife and coaxed it into the world.


Let's face it, "creativity" and "originality" are not the same. One can be creative (i.e., create something) without being original. Creativity simply requires tools, materials, and technical skill; originality requires...something else. Something different. Maybe an inner genius. I think "visionary" is a good word. But while I am creative, while I have the urge to create, I don't delude myself into thinking I can conjure something extraordinary or never before done/seen/written. So whether I am getting my ideas from Etsy, or a book at the local library, it's all the same, at least so long as I am not trying to sell it or pass it off as my own. I just want to make stuff, for me and my people.

Etsy's wonderful, and I call blessings down upon all the artists out there who bring their original creations to us. I get a creative high just looking at it. Not only are you bringing art into the world, but you're helping those of us out there that can't.

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