Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Melissa from Wife in Training writes...

My goodness, these books are seductive. Granted, I don't own a single book like this, and if I did, it would be completely ruined in a manner of weeks, or however long it would take me to spill food all over it. (I like to read at lunch and dinner and whenever I am snacking.) (Maybe I'm eating too much.) But whenever I imagine books in my head, I imagine these kind of books, a morocco leather-bound octavo with gilt letters and silk end papers, full of dignity and all of the spirit of humanity.

Because to me, that is what books are--the collective human spirit, preserved, immortal, enduring long after our bones and belongings have withered away. And not only are these books the story of us, but they are the story of all that ever could be, and all that never was. And in a world where all of the final frontiers seem to be closed, books are the gateway into the one frontier that is always expanding: our minds. We create entirely new worlds in our minds, and in the stories we tell, and when we put them into books, that is how we explore them. 

And on an entirely different note, I wonder if I can get my Batman fanfic bound up into one of those pretty volumes?

Yeah, that's right. I write fanfic. Go ahead. Mock me. I do it every day.


Chara Lynn said...

Great post!!!
Stopping by to let you know I have moved to a new domain. You can see me at
I have numerous giveaways, polls, and contests. Here is the sad part, with my move it appears I have lost all my comments. So if you have entered into anything I actually need you to zoom back and re-comment. If you havent entered into any of them, what are you waiting for? Get your butt over there!! HA!
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Stay Fabulous

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