Saturday, 5 June 2010

Kitten Tales update

No news about our Annie's babies yet although she is getting rather round, very heavy and hungry, and she has been scratching around in the corner of my clothes cupboard. Today I cleaned out the bottom and put her birthing bed in it, hoping to encourage her. Yes she has a birthing bed. My dear brother-in-law made it lovingly with his son Tarquin (he is a yacht-builder so you can imagine the care that was put into this baby). (He is also no. 1 in line for one of the kittens).

Here it is.

Please note the Tigger pillow left there by my son especially for the kittens.

Annie has been home a lot more than usual lately, and likes to sleep in the dog's bed mostly, although she occasionally chills out on my favourite chair in the sun.

Yes it is a good life.

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