Friday, 4 June 2010

When all the world around you is no longer scones.

Yesterday afternoon my dear husband and I found ourselves at a loose end, as our children have signed up for golf coaching (of their own accord). So we had an extra 45 minutes before pick up. We decided to take a walk down to our favourite tea-shop for a scone. When we got there we realised neither of us had brought any money. So we went home again. This is the type of thing that characterises our life at the moment. When there is so much BIG stuff to worry about, the little things fall by the wayside.

Anyway, it was such a beauteous evening (yes, beauteous) that I decided it would not be ruined by lack of scones so I whipped some up in my own kitchen. Now listen, I know you are thinking - this woman is a crazy A-type, I mean who just whips up scones in 20 minutes on a whim?

However, I am not an A-type. My mother is, but I take after my father who is laid-back, spaced out and always thinking in big words.

So this scone recipe has to be ridiculously easy if I can make it without fuss in 20 minutes. So easy, that you could do it on a whim for breakfast, or if someone arrives out of the blue for tea. It doesn't even need the cream on the top. Fresh scones with jam are the best.

So, all you have to do is remember 8, 2 and 75. Can you do that? 8 oz selfraising flour, 2 oz butter (please no fake fat, only butter will do) and 75ml milk. Oh and an egg. Close your eyes and repeat - 8, 2 and 75.

So, put the oven on to 200C (400F), stick the flour and the butter in your food processor (you can't do this fast without one). Whiz till mixed up. The add the egg. Whiz again. Then add the milk and whiz till it makes a ball. Take it out, sprinkle a baking sheet with flour, press the ball of dough onto it and using a cutter or a glass to cut out scones. (Yes you don't even have to roll on your surfaces! Mess free!). I promise you this takes 5 minutes. If your oven is ready, stick them in for 8-10 minutes. When the bell goes, you're ready to eat!!

Now go-on and have a practice. I guarantee you'll be mixing these up on a whim in no time.

I used a heart-shaped cutter because I LOVE scones....

I bet you saw these on


Petula said...

Those look yummy! My daughter made crepes for the first time today. Extra yummy and fancy. :-)

Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

Oh I love scones and I've never dared to make them because I thought they would be too hard. Thanks for setting me straight!!

I can't wait to snoop around your blog and see what other goodies you have to offer.

Thanks for linking to Messy Monday. You are welcome back anytime!

Sarah @ The Pumpkin Patch said...

blogger isn't working for me today, so i apologize if you get multiple comments from me.

Thanks for linking this recipe to Messy Monday! I love scones and am excited to try them.

Where in Indiana are you moving? I spent some of my growing up years there. We also went back for my husband when he did grad school. It is a great place to live. Hope you like it.

Cathy Kerton-Johnson said...

Hi Sarah! We are moving to Upland. My husband is taking up a teaching post at the University! We hear it is a lovely place to live. We're looking forward to the move, although it is chaos right now! Thanks for the visit! said...

These look delicious!!! Stopping over from Messy MOnday.


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